Little Things That Can Shower Love

We all have had different friends throughout our lifetime and they touch your heart at different levels and some stay while some leave with time when our life paths don’t work in the same direction. It’s crazy how some people come into your life like the wind and then all of sudden you see them gone as well but the memories that they create in your life could be for a lifetime. There was one friend of mine back in school and I loved how much she truly loved me. Honestly back then, you often thought how mushy but loyal someone can be to do things to help you on an everyday basis. Looking back at that friendship, all she had given me was a bunch of cards and some handmade gifts but the way she truly made me feel was amazing. Back in the day, she used to cook for me and if I don’t go for classes, she would make notes for me and it almost felt like you had a life companion in that friend of yours. There are so many friends I have today and they have given me pretty expensive gift hampers but I still think of how genuine that friend was and no one can match the love she showered in to my life. 

We had to split apart as she had to migrate for her further studies but still up to this date, she hasn’t changed a bit in the person she is as a good friend. Today most people think that the better the gift is, the better the love they have but this has two sides to it. When you love someone so much, you obviously try to get something so expensive and valuable to make the other person happy and just because he or she spent a lot for an online flower delivery Sydney or some gift box don’t mean they have been materialistic but sometimes it may not be necessary in one’s life to shower love. There are little things like finding time for each other, spending time with your friends or loved ones in a way both enjoy and doing things that would like can mean a lot more. It just takes an open heart and honest mind to really build a good relationship with anyone and little bit of love could take it a long way. In the busy lifestyle that we live, we seek to find true love in our friends, family and other random people we get to know but the problem is that not many know what true love is and all they need is someone to be around and for the world to know about it but sometimes classical rules could work well than the new ones.