Pressure Points For Hotels

They may look idyllic, but hotels work extremely hard to gain and then maintain that image. Everything has to look picture perfect for their guests. In essence, hotels sell a highly idealized, fake version of a reality that we all know is not achievable in our day to day lives – hence the desirability. Running a hotel is no easy task because there are a number of pressure points that can easily shatter that image of perfection they promote. To name a few:

Good Hygiene

90% of the problems that hotels face stem from this basic issue: lack of hygiene. Hotels are known to be almost clinically clean: they are cleaned every single day, most of the items in the rooms are replaced or sterilized and hotels are graded on their ability to deliver high qualities of hygiene. So it’s a massive issue when a rat appears in the kitchen for instance. Forget the animal itself. The mere whisper of its excrement and a commercial pest control Liverpool unit has been called in to handle the issue. They will do their best to catch the offender or if that is not possible, to prevent further occurrences. It’s a fact that most major hotels face problems with critters; they simply take heavy duty action against it.

Great Service

Apart from best pest control and overall cleanliness, the other thing that sets a hotel apart is their service. The better ranked or graded the property is, the better their service is supposed to be. The marketing gimmick here is that every guest is supposed to be made to feel that they are special and deserve individual attention. In luxury, high-end properties, each guest will be assigned (non-verbally of course) a waiter or bell boy who will act as their personalized attendant throughout their stay. In this age of computers and keyboard warriors, it is very easy for one complaint about staff service to turn viral and then undermine a hotel that has had solid reputation for years. A rude waiter or a sticky fingered bell boy can easily ruin the ‘perfect’ image of a hotel.

Accidents Do Happen

Quite unfortunately, some hotels acquire a reputation of being a ‘bad’ hotel not because of hygiene or service issues, but because of the number of accidents that take place there. While accidents can happen to anyone, sometimes they occur due to structural defects such as steps that are not clearly marked or too camouflaged; carpets that insist on having wrinkles; and wet floors that will not dry. These conditions can cause accidents that then get blamed on the hotel. Again, one customer complaint about a fractured ankle and the lack of attention they received can stop a lot of people from even checking it out.

Thus, a hotel may look pretty and even be an amazing experience, but it takes a lot of effort and care to keep it so.